If you're agnostic or atheist, you don't want people praying for you. amirite?

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It shows that they care about you i guess

freddos avatar freddo No Way +1Reply

I just don't like it because I don't think it works, I don't like to think someone is wasting their time trying to fix something I can fix myself. Its a nice thought though.

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OH, DUDE. I hate that.
It's like, "I'm agnostic."
Then, "Oh, dear. I'll pray for that devil inside of you, so you can see the light."
It's annoying.

That's like saying a Christian doesn't want an atheist/agnostic to wish them well.

Rockys avatar Rocky No Way 0Reply
@Rocky That's like saying a Christian doesn't want an atheist/agnostic to wish them well.

No its not. Its like saying there is something wrong with being agnostic or atheist.

Prevention91s avatar Prevention91 Yeah You Are +1Reply
@Prevention91 No its not. Its like saying there is something wrong with being agnostic or atheist.

Oh, I see what you were saying. Holy crap, there are so many misconceptions nowadays. If a (real) Christian says to an atheist, "I'm praying for you," it's not like, "OMG YOU'RE GOING TO HELL I'M PRAYING FOR YOUR SOUL." Man, a real Christian is praying for someone as a person, praying for what's going on in their life right now, because they care about that person.

Like stuff like "I hope they're not too stressed, that they're at peace, that they have joy, that such-and-such happens that they want to happen, or that they can avoid such-and-such bad situation."

Rockys avatar Rocky No Way +2Reply

well that had a weird outcome

So........ you get mad if someone cares enough about you to wish you well, and would prefer them to wish you pain instead? Makes sense to me.
I think that it's you don't like the fact that others are good enough people to give action in their hope instead of just sitting back and saying "oh well."
I'm praying for you, man. Hopefully, some clarity will reach you one day.

Anonymous 0Reply

I think you are the one that needs some clarification, buddy. We meant it in a sense that, some religious people will pray that you will "come to your senses". This can be considered mockery of our beliefs, which, in turn, pisses us off.

Ah, but see, there's your problem. We can't mock your beliefs if you don't have any. Hopefully, you'll come to your senses as well.

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I believe in science. This can go back an forth all day buddy, try me.

The Assassin will win, "Rocky who's too chicken so he goes Anonymous". I think that's like me, a non-believer, telling you that you are a failure for being a Christian and lacking clarity. But alas, that would make me no better than the people I argue against. Thus i will entitle you to your misguided clarity. Have a blessed day! :3


Im agnostic and praying for someone isnt necessarily a bad thing, like I dont 'pray' but sometimes I meditate and send good vibes to people which is similar. Studies show that when people are praying for a sick person their condition improves. They brought 20000 people to DC to meditate and violent crime went down 25% so really its the action of sending positive energy to someone no matter what name you slap on it.

Not necessarily a thing with agnostics (some of which are theists) or atheists. I personally don't because of a long line of thinking ending at religion being illogical in and of itself. That's just me though

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