The original Power Rangers were very stereotypical. The white ranger was white. The black ranger was black. The pink ranger was female. The blue ranger was male. The yellow ranger was asian. And, well, the red ranger didn't necessarily have a stereotype, but he did go on to do porn, which is equally as funny. amirite?

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The power of diversity.

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Not only did he go on to do porn, he did gay porn. So I guess red stands for...gay power ranger?

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red ranger had a pony tail?

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The first red ranger didn't go on to do porn. he's an MMA fighter

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Wait, which actor?

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Wasn't the Red Ranger a Native American?

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@no sir, he was white.

YOU'RE wrong. The first red ranger wasn't Native American. Tommy (the white Ranger) moved onto being the Red Ranger in Power Rangers Zeo and he IS Natie American.

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