Eating at your grandparents house - "Here have some more pasta" "No thanks Grandma, I'm full" "No here take some more" Put more pasta on plate "No I'm actually very full" "You don't like my cooking?" "No I do I'm just full" "No you need to eat more" sighs and eats more, amirite?

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HAHAH oh mann.
so typical.
"Are you hungry?"
"Okay, I give you more food"

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An hour later, retching
"What's wrong'

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"Eat more." "No thanks, I'm fine." "What, do you have an eating disorder? You are too skinny and thin!!!" "But I swim three times a-" "EAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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"Oh, you needa more-ah food, yes? You are-ah so skeeeny!"
-My Italian grandmother

And then my grandma tells me I should lose weight.

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hahaha exactly what my grandma does. "are you hungry?" "no" "are you hungry?" "no" "are you hungry?" "no" "are you hungry?" "no" "are you hungry?" "no". "oh okay, i'll make you a sandwich :D"

Arab grandmothers are even worse ._.

french have got to be the worst out of the lot, but i love them

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"Okay, I'm full."
"Wait, you sit down again."
"Your cooking was nice, but I'm full."
"But I'm not-"
"Eat! You're too skinny!"
"I'm not hungry thou-"

disadvantage of italian parents and grandparents !

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@what_of_it disadvantage of italian parents and grandparents !

Disadvantage of having living relatives and being born at all

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