Johnny Depp should have been a Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts, amirite?

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He'd also make a great barber. Oh, wait...

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It wouldn't have happened though, J.K Rowling wanted everyone in it to be British or Irish.

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Since when? It's obvious he was born and raised in America and has an American accent in his interviews.....

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No, he's American.

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No he shouldnt have.

because he could have been killed, "kissed", had his memory wiped, fired or become a evil lunatic, by the end of one year
only true HP fans understand the origin of THIS one

yes! I've been saying this since I first saw Sweeney Todd cause theres already so many people from it in HP:Beadle/Wormtail, Ms. Lovett/Bellatrix, Judge Turpin/Snape, and Anthony/grindewald,

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Love that actor.

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Ya but he didn't want to be associated with a kiddie book.

I Agree. He deserves the same fate as quirrell

@th3don I Agree. He deserves the same fate as quirrell

i feel this is an insult to the post

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