This "cool code" thing is hard to figure out. Ok, so my jeans can be ripped, but not my shirt. Unless the jeans are black, THEN they can't be ripped unless I'm emo. Or if the shirt is ripped into a ribcage-thing, that's ok. And it's ok to wear a super low-cut shirt, but only if there's another shirt under it. Unless I have really big boobs, then it........I think my head just exploded, amirite?

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You can't wear low-cut tops if your boobs are TOO big!

I dont give a shit what ppl think i look. I wear qhat i like.

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MY head just imploded.

Cool: either you got it your or don't.

@JennaGee Cool: either you got it your or don't.

Cool: If you don't spend extra money on a flimsier brand name t-shirt and act like a bitch, ur doin it wrong

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Lol it's not really that hard... Just wear what looks good...

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Stop using emo as a style term. Genre of music. Not style. Have a nice day

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