You've planned out what you would do if you were a mod for a day, amirite?

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I've never even thought about being a mod, but if I was I'd be proactively deleting reposts all fucking day, starting with the several pages of "therapist = the rapist" posts.

...delete posts...?

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Pretty sure only admins can do that. If mods could, I wouldn't harass them so much.

I don't even know what being a mod entails...

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Probably boring shit, deleting reposts, having to read reports and deciding whether they're valid or not, etc.

Simons avatar Simon No Way +3Reply

Eh, no. I've got other stuff to do...

No, but I would go on amirite chat and brag.. :$

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Dear OP,

I belive you were wrong.

You're -223 score.

@whatahoss Dear OP, I belive you were wrong. Sincerly, You're -223 score.

Lol, well that's what this site is for. I wrote this before my daily caffeine dose, so I wasn't expecting people to agree much with it.
(also, your*)

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