No Dentist, my gums aren't bleeding because i haven't flossed, their bleeding 'cause you're trying to saw them in half, amirite?

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I went to a new dentist recently. Wo asked who did my braces, I told him noone, seeing as how I've never had them. He asked how many cavities I've had. None. He then argued with me the rest of the apt about how he knows I've had both that he can see my fillings and the cements left from braces. Really? Why the fuck would I lie about that? Then he tried to tell me I gingivitis because my gums bled...after I watched/felt him slip and scratch the shit outta them....idiot.

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Next time try being more original.

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@http://www.amirite.net/index.ph...st+my+gums+are Next time try being more original.

I was going to say that I already posted this, but you beat me to it...

@http://www.amirite.net/index.ph...st+my+gums+are Next time try being more original.

i post things when i think of them, not spending my whole life on here seeing if someone already posted it. even more because i just got back from the dentist when i posted this.

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I agree with you. All these people throwing bitch fits about reposts or 'omgzzz that's a facebook group/comedians joke/etc' need to stfu. If you've seen something before, cool. Go on to the next post.

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No actually it is because you havent flossed. Have you ever tried flossing for weeks/months in a row? Than you wouldn't know.

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my dentist doesn't floss terribly hard, but I legitimately don't floss.

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