When they say "faster than a speeding bullet" do they really have to include "speeding"? No one gently tosses a bullet around, amirite?

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Opposed to a stationary bullet I guess?

"faster than a bullet" bullets alone aren't fast sitting there.

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I think Chuck Norris can...

Its technically incorrect grammar since it the parallelism isn't right.
You're comparing the speed of an object to just another object.

But if you ask me, thats just the douchey grammar that would make me want punch whoever tried to correct it.

A bullet shot is fast, but if it's speeding, then it's faster.

I never liked that either; every time someone says it on Smallville it's like a mini-facepalm. I always thought it was redundant.

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Oh my god Where have I heard this!!!?
It's some comedian.. Damn... Can't. Think. !

Delta can stop a speeding bullet with his finger./_

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More poetic

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