Girls: It's kind of a turn off when guys wear sweat pants. Amirite?

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wow... if we have to accept you without make up sometimes you can accept us in sweats.

Aren't all us girls complaining about how we want a guy to love us without make-up, messy hair, and sweats?


It can be hot in the right context...obviously they shouldn't turn up in sweat pants on a date.

To be honest if Johnny Depp or James Franco came up to me horny as hell in sweat pants, I'm not exactly gonna close the door on them.

Oh yeah and all that double standards crap.

Depending on the guy it actually turns me on. hello smilie

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only when they wear them ALL THE TIME

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Sweat pants + wife beater (on the right guy) = hello smilie

@laureneli23 Sweat pants + wife beater (on the right guy) =

ew. do you want them to wear a gold chain too?

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@shannonnn ew. do you want them to wear a gold chain too?

On second thought, the only time this ever applied was to a certain ex-boyfriend. He def rocked it though

That'd be a double standard because I wear sweatpants as much as I can without being a bum

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Well sweat pants and sweat shorts are different. The pants are ugly, they make them look like they have woman legs. Shorts can be good

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