Your favorite thing about science class is the Bill Nye videos, amirite?

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we don't get Bill Nye videos ='(

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bill bye the science guy! BILL BILL BILL BILL

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excuse me, nye

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Last year, I suggested we watch a magic school bus video. I felt the episode explained it better and in more depth than the book did. She said no :(

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Except if you live in england its femi investigates

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but i still YYA'ed the post because I love Bill Nye

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I wish we'd watch those.

Inertia is a property of matter.

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...unless you're in AP or IB classes, in which Bill Nye is nothing but a nice memory...

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I used to think they were really boring, but this year we pretty much just tomar apuntes and the very rare time we watch one is great.

He is married to my ballet teacher. We've met. It's not really a big deal or anything... :)))

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Oh yes, we get to watch so much Bill Nye in AP Chemistry.

There was this kid in my 7th grade biology class who would dance to the theme song. Then he got expelled for beating his girlfriend with a lax stick.

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nah, my favorite part of science class is my teacher who smells funny and dissappears for 20 minutes of the hour to (in my theory) do drugs in the basement!

omg! i got to MEET HIM!!!!!!!! there was this science fair in dc(my dad made me go) and i got his signiture and everything!!!!omg it was AWESOME

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"Bill Nye his mom's a guy." classic elementary joke.

I personally hated Bill Nye. I never learned anything from him.

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