Missing class was great for the longest time. Now in college its a punishment; you know when you get back you won't have a clue whats going on, amirite?

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It's a pain even in high school. I already have enough homework as it is, missing a day just adds on a ton more with no time to make up the notes in one sitting, since classes are an hour and a half long.

Really? I feel like it's the opposite.Once you get to the classes for your major, it's a little more difficult to miss, but GenEds? Forget about it. Most of my professors posted the powerpoints online, so going to class was basically optional.

The one thing I hate about college.

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In high school, I would have loved to take the week off after getting my wisdom teeth out.
But in college, I went back the day after because I had a test. It was horrible.

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Depending on your classes it could be the same way in high school. I would flip out if I missed a day of AP Chemistry.

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