Whoever invented the keyboard was an idiot not to make it in ABC order. amirite?

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aw come on we both know that that cant be true, havent you seen a receptionist at work? exactly :P they just put the most commonly used letters apart so they wouldnt jam up the typewriter when we pressed them at the same time

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actually all the most commonly used letters were in the middle, and THATS why people typed too fast. so they moved the A and the S to the side

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fuck you math!

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You're an idiot.

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I totally thought this was referring to a PIANO keyboard and was like "It is in abc order, idiot".
But I am the idiot. Stupid musically inclined mind.

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you guys are all way too smart..

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well, once you learn 2 type, it doesn't matter that much anymore, and you get used to it

Why is it in "qwerty" fashion? I've never really thought of it... haha.

@Richard Why is it in "qwerty" fashion? I've never really thought of it... haha.

all the letters we use the "most" are in the home row, the more we use a letter, the more "accessible" of a location they put them in

notice how xz and q are kind of hard to hit without looking.

It's also set up so that letters that appear close to each other in words are not next to each other in the keyboard. This is so the typewriter would jam less often. If you don't get it... look up the mechanism for those old typewriters.

There's actually a modified keyboard you can buy that has all the keys you use most in the middle. Once you get used to the change, it's supposed to make typing a lot easier and faster. The only hard part is that you would have to switch from the Qwerty keyboard you use at school and everywhere else to the one you have at home.

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Lol too late

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