There are certain people who act like getting an A is the easiest thing ever..."Hey, what's your grade in AP English? I have a C+" "Oh, I have an 100..." yeah, just, shush, amirite?

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AN hundred? I see why you only have a C+.

@Etherial AN hundred? I see why you only have a C+.

maybe they were pronouncing it as an a hundred. i know it doesnt make much sense but sometimes people will say it like its one word. ahundred. idk, just guessing.

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I was really struggling in my science class last year and my friends are like "how can you have a C?? that class is easy!!" -.-

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An hundred?

It sounds even more awkward if you say "an one hundred".

Maybe you got a lower English mark because you don't know the difference between "a" and "an".

I doubt they have a 100 if they say an 100 instead of a 100.

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Guilty, as charged XP

Would you rather them boast in your face?

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Well I would say 'I have a hundred.' So maybe they were over thinking it and they wrote I have an a hundred? I'm attempting to help out and it isn't working too well:P

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in one of the AP classes in my freshman year, everyone had a C+ because it was impossible to get a A or B without doing homework all the time, plus that teacher was a huge bitch.

Sometimes for them it really isn't that difficult. Plus, (like someone else said) would you rather have them rub it in your face? Isn't it better for them to be like "I don't know what I did either, it just happened"?

Yeeeeaahh, I'm one of those people...
<.< >.>

Ap classes are great. You always get something like 3% bonus at the end of the year to compensate for "more difficult" course material.

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guys, "an" was propably a typo. everybody makes those

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It's pretty obvious why you got a C in english. I'm rather surprised you're in an AP class at all.

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