Nine years of searching, 140 000 troops deployed, $125 billion spent and still the Americans can't manage to find a man who lives in a cave. No wonder Batman was so successful. amirite?

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ten bucks says he's already dead, and we're using the "possibility" that he's alive as an excuse to stay there longer than we have to.

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The figures are way higher then that.

Its not as simple as that

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they cant find him cuz i killed him and used his dead penis to sodomize you.

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We almost had him. But... they didn't kill him when they had the chance.

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One well aimed cruise missile would end this once and for all and would be much cheaper

@One well aimed nuke*

A nuke wouldnt have to even be well aimed. Just lob a nuke or two and boom. No more Taliban

You are aware there is more to this "war on terror" than finding Osama?

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Way to quote that

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That's because he IS Batman!

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