The whole "I like it on the table/floor/etc" is getting so damn annoying. We get it you are supporting breast cancer month but chill the fuck out with it, amirite?

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... whoever made that last, deciding home page vote all this time later is fucking weird.

420Grrls avatar 420Grrl No Way +14Reply

hahahaha well this ended a while back. im wondering why it just got homepaged...

How is this even supposed to raise breast cancer awareness if half the people don't know what the fuck the people posting this are talking about?

guineasaurusrexs avatar guineasaurusrex Yeah You Are +11Reply

I thought it was for where you like your purse...

And yeah, it ended ages ago.

Can someone explain to me what these posts are?!

The inbox I got said it wasnt for Breast Cancer Awareness it was to get in the news

Yeah, the "I like it ..." was about where they put their purses. However when girls where posting colors on fb, it turned out to be the color of the bra they were wearing, and that made the news and was supposed to raise breast cancer awareness

I think you need to chill out...

Notice this post was made in October.

^ Second 420Grrl.

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