Stride and Extra should team up. With the combination of flavor-changing gum and realistic-desert-flavored gum, they could create Willy Wonka gum. That would be so freaking exciting, amirite?

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Wait wait wait, there's gum that tastes like a real desert? With the sand and everything? How did I not know this?

"Dessert has two S's because you always want more."

The whole dessert-flaroved gum junk sounds disgusting.

@AnnDeeva The whole dessert-flaroved gum junk sounds disgusting.

I thought so too, but then i had the apple pie and ice cream kind and i was actually amazed by how good it tasted.

@Shawna Yes it sure did.

I mean, I guess that's good, yet it still doesn't appeal to me...

@AnnDeeva Did it actually taste like apple pie and ice cream?

It even had like the right temperature, a little hot and a little cold.

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i swear ive seen this before

@Thomas i swear ive seen this before

Well, I'm sorry for being unoriginal, but it's in my genes. I can't help but think of things that have already been thought of.

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I thought that "5" gum was the one that changed flavor.

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