Enough about periods. This is amrite. Talk about your vagina blood somewhere else please, amirite?

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My brother got his first period today.

i cut my finger today and i bled all over

FML is the best place to talk about periods ahahahhahhaa

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By making this post you're just adding to it.

posts about post about periods are nearly as annoying as post about periods. period.

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We talk about other bodily fluids. Blood from the vag hardly seems that bad.

I think periods are sexy. hello smilie

(I hope you know I'm kidding.)

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@tshah520 I think periods are sexy. (I hope you know I'm kidding.)

.......................................................... I just gave you a boner!

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You know, I've seen more posts complaining about period posts that I've seen of actual period posts.

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Periods SUCK.

Ellipses RULE! :D

actually it's amirite, not amrite.

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ironically this post is mainly about periods. lol.

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i had my period today it was cool i bled out tissue yay hahah i just did talk about periods what are you going do now nothing hahaha(:
ps.bye :)

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im so sorry it sucks to get a period but hey how would you know?

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Well, I wholeheartedly agree with the post, but what is this "amrite" you speak of?

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