Space travel is too hot cause of the sun? Not a problem, go at night, amirite?

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There was a girl in my science class in 8th grade who, in all seriousness, asked why we couldn't go to the sun. When the teacher told her it was too hot, she (still completely serious) offered this very suggestion.

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Hahahaha stupid people who think this so true are funny

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This is not a joke, the sun's temperature, due to the superlactivity that occurs during the Earth's night time (which happens at the same time allover the earth) makes the sun's temperature decrease to a tolerable degree.

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Got it from FunnyJunk?

heh heh, it's funny cus it's stupid... I assumed this was a joke. if it wasn't then I loose faith in intelligent life as we know it (or don't know it...)

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this is stupid

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That wouldn't work out because it's not night or day in space. It would still be too hot even if you did go in the night, retard.

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