When movie directors/producers pick new people for the main parts in sequals, it ruins the movie, amirite?

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Is it bad the first thing I thought of was how they change the girl who plays Marnie in the last Halloweentown?

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On fresh prince they change Viv like 5 times....

and on 70s shows, laurie changed

It worked on Lassie

Daddy Day Care & Daddy Day Camp

Wizard of Oz and Return to Oz. Like, okay, how did she get younger?

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Harry Potter 3-8 (Because of Dumbledore)

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@Harry Potter 3-8 (Because of Dumbledore)

That's not really fair, seeing as the actor died.

I feel like with some parts it'd be very understandable (such as if someone died, or the original just sucked hardcore).

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ok, i think the mods play favorites. I have seen this almost exact post before. When I post stuff hardly similar at all, it's deleted. Wtf? Btw you're right about replacing actors.

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