It's funny how the characters in Beauty and the Beast seem to fit their object so perfectly; like "We have a new baby boy!" "Well he's probably going to be turned into a candlestick later in life, so let's name him Lumiere." Amirite?

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well Lumiere became a candle-stick BECAUSE he was called Lumiere DUH!

I love this post.

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@ChristinaIsMe I love this post.

Thank you] just one of those random epiphanies that I liked=]

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It wouldn't have been nearly as magical if his name was Chuck.

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Hold on a second... he wasn't born a candle?

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ROFLKOPTER! This is the first post i have read that i actually laughed out loud at.

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I don't get it.

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seriously? did this really need to be posted? i mean, lumière, cogsworth, mrs. potts, chip... the list goes on. good movie, bad post.

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