If youre gonna fail, atleast make it epic, amirite?

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I'm wondering when people are going to realize that there are more adjectives out there besides 'epic'.

If you're gonna make a post, at least spell things right.

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you're at least. Stupid bitch.

@afternooner you're at least. Stupid bitch.

...They're a bitch because they forgot an apostrophe and a space (probably both typos, I know sometimes my space bar fails to work when I'm typing quickly)? Wow, you're nice.

Yep, like this guy who my teacher told me about in Latin... instead of actually doing his test (which was A REALLY BIG TEST in Latin) he drew an awesome 6-page dinosaur battle about how the dinosaurs became extinct, then circled one question on the last page (he got that right, btw). The teacher failed him, obviously, but he will go down forever in our Latin class as That Epic Kid.

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Yes, that happened too. But no seriously, this shiz happened for realz. The day my latin teacher would lie is the day the volcano that's next to our city errupts and it starts raining rocks and then everyone has to evacuate while some people's skulls are burned through and they find us a couple thousand years later and use us for study.

Oh wait...

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