Humans kill over the most insignificant things: skin color, land or "turf" that's not even ours, and shiny rocks. And we're supposed to be advanced species... amirite?

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And religion...

Yea, good one.

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And black liquid from the ground.

@7Star And black liquid from the ground.

:) You guys put more thought into this than I did. And yea, thats a huge one.

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and apes, lions, dogs, whales, etc kill over females in heat, offspring from another male, hunting grounds. hey we dont kill off the young of our species much ...oh wiat

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And crack, cant forget about the crack

I'm pretty sure stopping Hitler from killing even more Jews wasn't insignificant, unless you think Jews are insignificant.

avatar go to you?

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COUGH religion COUGH
Excuse me.

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it really makes you think of what we are becoming. It's pretty sad.

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