Before you wish that humans could fly, conciser this: 8 billion people would be able to fly, causing HUGE amounts of traffic; birds would either learn to adapt to the ground or go extinct; the airline industry would seize to exist; plus there would be no advances in technology with everyone flying around, amirite?

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Airplanes would still exist, it would be like saying cars shouldn't exist because we can walk

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The world's population is 6.7 billion not 8.

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How would flying stop advancements in technology?

How would there be more traffic? We all manage to fit on the roads now, and there's even more room up in the sky.

Also, if birds can handle aircraft and huge skyscrapers, I think they can handle some hovering humans.

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woah, when did we get an extra billion people born? did i not get the memo?

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@twisted_memories cease*

Damn you beat me.

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If you're really going to logically think about this you should say that we would all die if we could fly because at normal airplane altitude level there's not enough oxygen for us to survive outside a plane.

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Did it take you long to figure this out?

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nobody wishes that ALL HUMANS can fly. only themselves.

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1) Last I checked, it was 8 Billion, figuring there's 1 billion in India and more in China, next time I'll ask the Internet before my dad,
2) I'm speaking when humans are first able to fly. Yes, I know about evolution and adaptation, so it obviously wouldn't be spontaneous. Squirrels have adapted to roads, but you don't see a bunch of them in the street! And I'm not talking one or two airplanes in the sky every few minutes, I'm talking about a lot more people all at once.
3) When we imagine flying, I don't imagine us flapping our wings, I'd imagine us floating around, kinda like Superman, so it would take less effort.

The point is, this was supposed to be a generally witty/silly post like the others on this site, but THIS of all posts was the one that people had to extract and beat up. Did you honestly think I was being 100% serious??

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