Optimists -- Half full. Pessimists -- Half empty. Sarcastic -- oh sure, it's half full all right... Realist -- the glass contains equal parts water and air. Engineer -- the glass is too big for the cup. Politician -- if you vote for me the glass will be COMPLETELY full. Einstein -- it's all relative... Wise -- each to their own. amirite?

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opportunist: "You gonna drink that?"

Sexist: This glass ain't gonna fill itself, honeybun

Slytherin: The glass is half full. Of poison.

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Me: Oh, it's diet. -_-

Perfectionist: There is a spot on the glass. Dumbledore: Use an Aguamenti charm.

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Drunk: did i already drink half of it?

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@Drunk: did i already drink half of it?

Alcoholic: why is there still half of that left?

My opinion was always that if there's something in the glass, you're not doing half bad. :P

I look at it and say, "it's half full." Which, in the beauty pageant biz means, "Where the hell's my waiter!"

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Neat freak: Make sure it's on a coaster.

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WISE: whether the glass is half full or half empty only matters if your dying of thirst.

Main Character: I must find the remaining water!

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Opportunist: "I dont care whether its half full or half empty, is anyone gonna drink that?"

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better idea: if you cant decide whether its half empty or half full, put it in a smaller glass.

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Great post!

Love this post

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Potato: I am a potato and therefore can not talk
realdizzy: some random shit about french toast loosely related to the post

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I love this post <3

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Nice way of taking credit from Alexis.

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Nutrition Expert: This isn't a full serving!

Little Kid: spills on nice rug

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why are there strikethroughs?

the glass is too big for the cup?
you fail.

@nah, you just dont get it .

I don't get it either. Can you explain?

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