Most teenagers now only like being "uncool" because it's in, amirite?

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Kinda wierd cause I was uncool before... I'm still uncool haha.

Sahils avatar Sahil Yeah You Are +1Reply

(Sahil): I'm right with you! Although I've always owned my uncoolness. Now there are tons of teenagers/young adults who just want to be uncool or nerdy just because it's cool. Which is very annoying.

Megaroons avatar Megaroon Yeah You Are +1Reply

People think it is "cool" to build blanket forts, pretend like they are dinosaurs, and overall behave like eight year old's, and I agree; it is immensely frustrating that these dumbasses are going to be running the world someday.

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Being uncool isnt in? Lol

I must agree with all of you. Basically, the way it seems to be now is: the more uncool that you are, the cooler you are. I've never been cool, and I don't try to be cool. I'm still not cool. And I'm damn proud of it! :)

Emys avatar Emy Yeah You Are 0Reply

Hell yeah. ._.
Wearing nerd glasses, playing Pokemon, watching cartoons...

Izus avatar Izu Yeah You Are -1Reply

go us "uncool" people!!! :D

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