People hardly ever get raped in prison showers, the people showering won't just sit there like "oh haha, newbie is getting raped" no, they kick that rapists ass... it's your cell mate you need to watch out for, amirite?

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Prison rape is nothin' but some casual anal spelunking.

preach on brotha

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@ivan_fourtwenty preach on brotha

Haha thanks man, its true tho, like who just watches people get raped?

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First hand experience, have we..?

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It's strange how Prisoners tend to form their own sort of society in prison. Rapists usually end up at the bottom and are treated the worst, especially if they're in jail for raping a child. It's not uncommon for prisoners to murder someone who is jail for rape, or for abusing a child. For all their moral flaws, they still care about the kids apparently =P

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