Why do people concentrate only on breast cancer walkathons/ fund raisers/ charities? The other cancers are just as important, amirite?

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The three deadliest cancers, according to an ABC article in 2010, are
1. Lung Cancer
2. Colon and rectal cancer
3. Breast Cancer

There's a lot of emphasis on the first, but most people blame it almost entirely on smoking. It isn't always true, but that's kind of how it goes. Nobody wants to talk about the second one. So that leaves the third, which is not only the third deadliest cancer, it's the second most COMMON, (in women, though men get it too) right after skin cancer.

Plus it gives people an excuse to talk about boobs, and make puns related to them.

There's a huuuuge walkathon in my city for breast cancer awareness day and everyones going around painting the city pink while barely anything noticable is done for lung/skin/brain/heart cancer or even HIV AIDS
this proves it's all done for publicity and not for a meaningful cause :(

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Oh my god.. I ponder this all the time.

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“If shopping could cure cancer, this would be over by now.”

  • Angela Wall, spokesperson for Breast Cancer Action San Francisco
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I have always said that! I mean I know they do stuff for other cancer but 99.99% of the time it's always for breast cancer.

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I think it's because if it's caught early it's usually easy to treat, but if it's not then it can be very deadly.

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Save the boobs.

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Well, my Grandma had breast cancer, so I might have a biased opinion on this.

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Mmmh, getting your breasts lopped off and getting new silicone ones with giant, jagged, red scars on them sure is sexy...

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