Going into the 21st century, 1 billion+ people couldn't write their own name. This needs to end, amirite?

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Well if my name was Sha'la'qwandiqua I wouldn't be able to fucking write it either.

i dunno wat ur talkin aboot, i think ppl can rite just fine

Young children and infants?

(and btw, this is towards 3rd world parts of the world, not american teenagers guys...)

I agree, more money needs to be put into education. This will empower the people of the world to make something of their lives. Crime would lessen, the quality of living would improve and the economy will thrive.

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Bleeding heart!

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@Lvl15shaman But who

He has chia pets?

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@Lvl15shaman But who

Well damn, that didn't work. I was gonna say who would fund the Barack Obama chia's!

Oh the horror.

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