For those confused on what MLIA may be, here is a quick summary: Today, Harry Potter. Walmart. Twilight. Dinosaurs. Stickers. Explains so much. Snuggies. Giant insert ridiculous animal/item here costume. Bubbles. Floor is Lava. Will you marry me? Ninjas vs. Pirates. Find Waldo. Google beats Yahoo. Awesome teacher. Fake- Trying-to-Hard randomness. I think not. Best. Day. Ever. MLIA, amirite?

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Forgot about the blanket forts. They may seem casual and non-repetitive, after all, they're only featured ONCE every page, but they contribute hugely to MLIA.

guidetolifes avatar guidetolife Yeah You Are +32Reply

Aaaaaand "I said [insert something dumb like "why don't we have plates with sides"] and then realized those are [bowls]."

Don't forget the "[insert person relatively close to me] just died. His last wish, of all things, was to get a post homepaged on MLIA" posts!

Moonshoess avatar Moonshoes Yeah You Are +30Reply

You forgot the getting 100 on a test for drawing some random ninja vs pirate vs dinosaur battle... or not doing anything at all

Anonymous +21Reply
@You forgot the getting 100 on a test for drawing some random ninja vs pirate vs dinosaur battle... or not doing...

(><): Back when i tought MLIA wasnt made up i tried that. I got 10 points deducted for drawing on an exam sheet. Stupid MLIA.

I haven't been on MLIA in months. Glad to see it hasn't changed. XD

oliveheadeds avatar oliveheaded Yeah You Are +20Reply

you forgot "-and, I'm a senior in college"

Oh, and the, "Today, I/my sibling said "It's too hard!". My mom then said, "That's what she said." Best. Parent. Ever."

Anonymous +20Reply

I'm impressed with your accuracy

Anonymous +18Reply

You forgot the "Today, I nearly cried when my mom wouldn't let me get [ninja/pirate/dinosaur] [cups/plates/food/sandwich holder]. Oh, by the way, I'm a teenager.

Anonymous +18Reply

Oh and the tough guy listening to Taylor swift/ miley cyrus/ Justin beiber/ other stupid teeny bopper music.

I'm confused.What about the restored faith in the old people.

gucis avatar guci Yeah You Are +17Reply

What about the "care packages" from their parents? With the coloring books, fruit snacks, and bubble wrap?

thecatwhocopiess avatar thecatwhocopies Yeah You Are +16Reply

Don't forget about "Needless to say..."! :]

@Kevinmat Don't forget about "Needless to say..."! :]

THAT'S THE ONE I WAS THINKING ABOUT! That phrase is pretty much the only reason i posted this- but then i forgot it. :/

Anonymous +10Reply

It's always the quiet ones.

You forgot "that kid is going places"

And bubble wrap.

thegreatkappas avatar thegreatkappa Yeah You Are +13Reply
@thegreatkappa And bubble wrap.

Wow- There are sooo many cliches!!

Anonymous +2Reply

what about leaf crunching and bubble wrap? coloring books? and the ever so rare-once-every-9001-stories-actually-average-posts?

Anonymous +13Reply

You forgot the part about fake little kid memories/stories.

reerees avatar reeree Yeah You Are +13Reply

"Found a keeper" stories. This may have been mentioned in above comments, but I haven't seen this wording yet.


@Previously_Sane AND THEN WE HI-FIVED

AND HUGGED. and got each others' numbers.

@fatima AND HUGGED. and got each others' numbers.

"Guess who's going to see the latest kiddie movie with me on Saturday?" NO ONE. YOU WILL BE ON MLIA TRYING TO MAKE UP STORIES

And dates with someone you met once because they have one/a few/all of the above listed things in common with you

Anonymous +12Reply

You missed grammar nazis: "Trying-TOO-Hard".

Anonymous +12Reply

Also, a whole class of high school/college students doing something incongruous like the dance moves to some obscure musical in perfect synchronization.

Anonymous +12Reply

This post actually put me in a bad mood. I came here to get away from that nonsensical bullshit, not read it all over again in one convenient post. xD

Anonymous +11Reply

I can't believe everyone forgot "Day well spent? I think so.

Anonymous +10Reply

or the "when i was a kid" post :/

Cleverbot is also a new fad there.

I Guess MLIA Hasn't Changed.

Anonymous +8Reply

You missed out Disney as well

Anonymous +8Reply
@You missed out Disney as well

Disney is always cool.

Anonymous 0Reply

The ones where, instead of a guy and a girl banging each other, they high five.

Eris avatar Eri Yeah You Are +8Reply

"Today I named my puppy something really cool. MLIA" I hate those.

CrazyKKs avatar CrazyKK Yeah You Are +8Reply

And when he/she is "the one". Or when you approve of your sibling's boyfriend/girlfriend...

and then the comments..where its a race to see who gets to write the first one.. " FIRST " " SECOND " "MILLIONTH" "STFU"

sigh MLIA was actually kind of good back then, but now...

@Reader sigh MLIA was actually kind of good back then, but now...

It was the best when it was making references to FML, like "today my teacher caught me texting in class. She did not grab my penis. MLIA."

And the "Fire Burnin' quickly followed by "Evacuate the dance floor". And, "I re-named the song to The Ship, and now it says "The Ship is syncing"

Anonymous +7Reply

Well, I guess MLIA hasn't changed then.

Kaitlyns avatar Kaitlyn Yeah You Are +6Reply

"Today, I nearly cried when my mom wouldn't let me get [ninja/pirate/dinosaur] [cups/plates/food/sandwich holder]. Oh, by the way, I'm a teenager."

Sorry, forgot the end quotation!

Anonymous +6Reply

Vote Average if you're X, Meh if you're Y. Fucking hate those.

Dugis avatar Dugi Yeah You Are +6Reply

Haha sorry to add one more because this post is pretty spot on, but I hate the ones that are like "today I was wondering if MLIA posts were true. Then I saw -guy in costume-. And it's obnoxious how often they use the word 'realized' when it doesn't make any sense. Like 'Today, I realized that Columbus sailed in 1492.' No you didn't, you looked it up

Shrimplings avatar Shrimpling Yeah You Are +6Reply

Don't forget 'i was running while listening to a song called Jogging' those are the ones that piss me off

or the ones where they make wishes just because they find a pair of elevens

MLIA went from being actually average like "I just ate toast MLIA" to kinda cool "I just saw a really cool toaster shaped like toast and toasted bread with it" to gay "I saw a man dressed as a toaster aand he was old i love old people it made my day MLIA"

I haven't been on that in forever, glad to see I'm not missing out

this so true it's scary.

almost forgot thats what she/ he said :)

Anonymous +2Reply

Can't forget about how awesome old people are. (if someone already said this, or something relative to it, sorry I didn't read through the comments)

LamesauceLalas avatar LamesauceLala Yeah You Are +2Reply

Today, I read a post bashing MLIA on Amirite. Psssh. They're jealous. Enough. Said. MLIA.

Anonymous +2Reply

I love this post.

Sofies avatar Sofie Yeah You Are +1Reply
Anonymous 0Reply

AAAANNND we just brought a little of MLIA here.


Anonymous +1Reply

I hate Fake- Trying-too-Hard randomness. I know a girl who tries all the time.... and she told me about MLIA, wow.

Oh and the classic "Needless to say"


iGhouls avatar iGhoul Yeah You Are -4Reply
This comment was deleted by its author.

Jesus, you sound like Chris Crocker. "LEAVE MLIA ALOOOONNE!!"

twat_waffles avatar twat_waffle Yeah You Are +4Reply
@twat_waffle Jesus, you sound like Chris Crocker. "LEAVE MLIA ALOOOONNE!!"

Haha. But it's just really annoying. It's taking the enjoyment out of BOTH websites.

i really dont understand what everyone on amirite has against mlia. whats with the rivalry attitude? its just another website. i enjoy it just as much as this one, so i dont see what the problem is.

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