Wayk up in da mauwning felling lape pee deddu, grob may glazzex, em uwt dat daw em gowno hick kis sitte, kefaw eh leef ah bruz dah cheef wit ah botell ov dak corz ven ah leuv faw da mite ah ent cumen bak, amirite?

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Probably the most accurate pronunciation of the words in that song.

vsbryants avatar vsbryant Yeah You Are +83Reply

Some words I can't even decipher :x

GMScodes avatar GMScode No Way +20Reply
@GMScode Wake The Morning Feeling Grab Glasses My And What That Some words I can't even decipher :x

I'm taking the piss out of Tik Tok by Ke$ha
Nearly all of the words are spelt wrong, I was seeing how many people would get it :L

Anonymous +26Reply
@GMScode Lol okay. Mind deciphering the entire thing? I don't even get it :3

Wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy, I got got my glasses I'm out the door I'm gonna hit this city before I leave I brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack cause when I leave for the night I ain't coming back

Anonymous +20Reply
@CarmelFuzzy *Spelled >.>

No, no it's spelt.
I'm ENGLISH and the language we are speaking is ENGLISH so you will spell things the ENGLISH way...
It's spelt.

Anonymous -2Reply

I read this out loud and I sounded like a deaf person.

Lmao this should be POTD

Chadayyys avatar Chadayyy Yeah You Are +6Reply
@Chadayyy Lmao this should be POTD

yep and all the comments should be removed to see how many people get it

dotdotdots avatar dotdotdot Yeah You Are +19Reply

I was actually playing the video and song in my head, and it all matched up. XD don't ask why I was watching it

ThisChicks avatar ThisChick Yeah You Are +6Reply

I thought this was a different language at first, but after I made out the first few words, I understood it xD

iTampons avatar iTampon Yeah You Are +6Reply

Dang you sound just like her!

Anonymous +5Reply

emm tekin abut pediku en oh tys tys
tring oh ell ow clews clews
beys blewin oop ow fihnes fihnes
drooppp tooppin pleyin ow fravrerite cd
puylin op tew de perties
tring tew gyt a wittle typsy....

russiangurl1010s avatar russiangurl1010 Yeah You Are +5Reply

I knew it was Tik tok, but I thought you wrote it out in another language. Lmaoo xD

Anonymous +3Reply

(twat_waffle) fyi: Deaf people don't talk like that.

Anonymous +1Reply

I got it.

JT874s avatar JT874 Yeah You Are 0Reply

@afternooner Touche. also, may also add that i was drunk when i read that. so that may have helped XD

I understood it right away. Damn Ke$ha and her grossness.

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