It's funny how girls will go around talking about how there needs to be world peace and then talk about their 'best friends' behind their back. Peace is more than just no war, amirite?

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OP is a bitch, but don't tell her she thinks i'm her friend

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Not to be a negative Nancy, but the definition of peace actually is just not being at war.

Why specifically girls? Guys do the same thing.

@twisted_memories Why specifically girls? Guys do the same thing.

Let's face it, girls are more annoying when they do shit like this.

@fangirl12 How annoying it is isn't the point.

It is the point, because that's the reason the post specified girls.

@fangirl12 How is it any less annoying when guys do it?

I'd say it's more annoying because guys complain about it more.

Pretty sure world peace is the most common answer given when pageant queens give when they are asked what they most want. Last time I checked only girls were pageant queens...

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