The stereotype that college is full of hot girls is actually true, amirite?

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hot, yes. sober, intelligent, and worth your time? maybe.

yddraigarians avatar yddraigarian Yeah You Are +3Reply
@maybe? more like highly unlikely.

give them some credit. not everyone rushes sororities or lists puking as a hobby...

yddraigarians avatar yddraigarian Yeah You Are 0Reply

How is this negative o_O

adams avatar adam Yeah You Are 0Reply

For every hot girl at MSU (and their are a lot of them) there's about six nasty ass ones soooo yeah :x

Yes. Also, the stereotype that only ugly girls take drama is untrue. I'm serious, most drama girls are fucking hot.

Fattys avatar Fatty Yeah You Are -1Reply

I guess it depends where you go.

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