You shouldn't date your boyfriend/girlfriend purely based on if your friends approve. If your friends think they are ugly or 'dorky' and 'uncool'...don't break up with them because of it. As long as you're happy, it doesn't matter what they think, amirite?

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unlesss your friends tell you that your bf/gf is a psychopathic murderer and they are telling the truth, then maybe you should consider a breakup

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i always consider my friends opinions of him, and if they have a good point ill consider it and go from there, but if the criticism is physical, thats stupid and childish.

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Most people's happiness comes from acceptance. So they'll be happy by listening to their friends.

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Sometimes its really hard to stay with someone when it seems like every person close to you (ther than your bf/gf), even family, dissapproves and thinks the person you're with is controlling and overprotective and that you're "withering away" with them, none of which is true. Plus the issue of having someone, or someones, trying to convince you to be with them and that thay'll treat you better than the person your with. Its like the whole world is against you. I understand that other peple's approval isn't what people usually seek in a relationship, but that doesn't mean its not hard to fight dissaproval.

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@Sometimes its really hard to stay with someone when it seems like every person close to you (ther than your bf/gf)...

(nomnomnom<3): I agree =) that's why I said purely. I sort of mean the people who date people because they are popular and their friends set them up and pressure them...instead of dating the geeky-ish quiet person who they actually genuinely like but isn't popular.

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@Nicole_Anonymous dude wtf??

He's obviously a troll

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probably but there really are guys like that..I know at least 2 of those at my school:/

Isn't it better when your friends think ur bf or gf is ugly? Because then they won't like them or flirt with them

I was dumped because her friends didn't approve :/

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if a dude tells me my chick is fatter or uglier than most i will dump her no question
if she forgets makeup one day, she's dumped

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@I feel sorry for your girlfriend. You suck.

Yeah. Who DOES that??? People like that should play hockey so FREDDIE will get hit with a puck in the side of FREDDIE's stupid head. It's because of people like you, FREDDIE, that people commit suicide!

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