You've always wondered if, during a sex scene in a movie, the actors are really having sex or not, amirite?

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In some of the ones I've seen, they aren't really having sex, it just looks like they are, but there are certain movies that make you wonder.

Katzes avatar Katze Yeah You Are +8Reply

Nope, they have cock-blocks and such. Unless it's a porno...

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I've always wondered how the male actors don't get a boner :/

Anonymous +5Reply

There are some good movies like that. Their called porn

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@ilovekitties they're*

shut the fuck up, seriously xD
You're not cool. Ooh, i used the right one

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Huh, I've never actually thought about it but now that you mention it I kind of wonder too...

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There's a film called Antichrist where you actually see the guys dick enter the woman.

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Did anyone else think of this video?

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in non-porn movies, they don't. some of the time, they keep their underwear on, also.

Um. They aren't

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@Um. They aren't

that's what the "no way" button is for.

Dear goodness...that show...

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In normal movies they don't, they even wear skin colored underwear or whatever. Even movies On Demand in the adult section they aren't always having sex for real.

Mikes avatar Mike No Way +1Reply

Let's think about how awkward that is, pretending to have sex with someone over and over again until you get the scene "right".

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depends on the movie, I can give you a site with all the scenes analyzed, but then I would be banned for indecentcy.

It really seems like they are in Dexter.

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@Egotistical It really seems like they are in Dexter.

Yes! This is exactly what I was thinking of!! In Dexter and also True Blood it looks real . . .

HeadlessLucys avatar HeadlessLucy Yeah You Are 0Reply

It's called a body Suit -_-

Anonymous 0Reply

yes tey d0 most movies do

Anonymous -7Reply

Oh yeah, because they will definitely have sex in front of the cameras and a hundred people watching multiple times until they get the right scene.

Taters avatar Tater No Way -9Reply
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