So Squidward doesn't wear pants....I see no dick. amirite?

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I think you're looking in the wrong place... cough between his eyes and his mouth cough.

@Rofling and his eyes are hit balls? Makes sense :'D

that smiley is crying of happiness. you shouldnt' be that happy after realizing what squidward's balls are.

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The penis of a male squid exists within a modified portion of one of his tentacles.

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Well, Squidward IS a dickface. ;)

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I do... its on his face :DD

He has skin pants. Haven't you ever seen him reach into his skin colored pockets?

why do you think he's always to grumpy?

His personality makes up for it.

Maybe it's because he's a squid?

He only has three legs

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It's totally on his face...

Because it's on his face.

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Its one of his legs...duh

Stop looking down there and look at his face.

Squids don't have junk. Squids reproduce asexually. One day Squidward will split in half and there will be two little hipster squids.

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