click....click....click...."Every time I click my fingers a child in Africa dies of starvation...." Stop clicking your bloody fingers then! amirite?

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if we kill off a considerable amount of people in third-world countries, the remaining citizens will have more resources available to them

besides that, every time a child in Africa dies, I get more of the world to myself

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How do you even "click" your fingers? Do you mean snap?

?? What the hell? Never heard this before....

americans say snap, brits say click. think it used to be in a tv advert :)

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LOLOL too funny!

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this is a true story

It was when Bono and U2 were playing in Glasgow, right? I thought he was clapping. Heheh "Well stop doing it then, ya evil bastard!"

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I suspect you to be British...

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