In your high school life there is always that moment where you finally hit that "I just can't be bothered with this anymore" wall, amirite?

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OMG story of my life!

I've already hit that wall

Second day of freshman year...

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what does that mean?

when my friends try to start shit over the most trivial things, it's like: "That's cute, I remember when I was five."

julieLs avatar julieL Yeah You Are 0Reply

It started long before high school for me, not sure how I have made it to my Junior year.

ScrewMidols avatar ScrewMidol Yeah You Are 0Reply

First year :P

SylverMoons avatar SylverMoon Yeah You Are 0Reply

that's where im at... only a year and a half to go! :/

noshittsherlocks avatar noshittsherlock Yeah You Are -1Reply

it poses a problem when that wall comes up during finals week :/

barbeegirls avatar barbeegirl Yeah You Are -1Reply
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