For runners: cross country > track, amirite?

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For Mexicans: Cross country > track

It's harder to run on grass and hills for over a mile. The better part is better scenery. More exciting.

XC is for long distance only, but track can be for sprinters. so for some people (who are sprinters), track would be better. but for me i like cross country a WHoooole lot better. except if it rains and the course is all muddy. that suuuucks

Mainly because baseball is in the spring. But xc is still better than track.

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I like track more because im mainly a thrower but i also run the 800. The track is softer than sidewalks and roads which is what we run on in xc

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i love both :D

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Track has more events, more people and more popularity at my school.

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I love cross country and I also do track events like the 200m and 800m and long jump. For me, cross country just gives me so much more satisfaction.

qwazoo82s avatar qwazoo82 Yeah You Are 0Reply

Men do cross country, pussies do track, and the people who do both are man-pussies

Tampa951s avatar Tampa951 Yeah You Are -1Reply

swimming pwns all

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