The weird sink that you have to lay your neck on at the hair salon, when they wash your hair, is so uncomfortable it's almost torture. amirite?

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But the hair-washing itself feels amazing.

Not that I go to salons...

yes! it hurts my neck so much! but the head massage thing makes up for it hah

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I would probably pay that person to constantly wash my hair and do that head massage thing for like, half an hour.
I freakin' love that.
That's the only thing I liked about getting a hair cut since I'm a long-hair lover.

They're always extremely comfortable to me; I have trouble not dozing off when I get a really dedicated scalp massage =)

I find it incredibly relaxing, and my neck never hurts afterward. Well, not never. It only ever hurts when I get a deep conditioning and I have to lay in that position for a half hour.

They're usually unpleasant but tolerable, but this one time my mother got into a car accident while I was in the back seat. Not a bad accident, but the impact hurt my neck and back. And I had a hair appointment the next day. I remember my neck was so stiff that it was amazingly painful just to lie there.

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Yeah they usually put a towel or two on the sink for me.

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I don't know why but even when it's kind of uncomfortable I love it when they wash my hair.

omg I hate that so much! and I hate how I always forget that they wash your hair then condition cuz I always think it's over and I dont have to sit there anymore but then nope gotta wait longer

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unless they put a towel on the hard part, than you can actually enjoy all that time and effort they put on to your head.

its not uncomfortable...

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