It stinks when you go to deliver a pizza and it turns out to be a prank phone call, then it gets worse when you end up frozen for a thousand years, amirite?

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It's much worse when you go to deliver a pizza and the guy doesn't take it because you forgot his diet Dr. Kelp.

I hate when i deliever a pizza and two losers in monkey suits grab me and strap a bomb to my chest and force me to rob a bank and get 100,000 dollars or else they will blow me up... I mean, WTF.

It isn't that bad when there's a really hot one-eyed alien and an alcoholic robot there though.

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At first I was like T_T... But then I realised the reference and I was like :L LOLOLOL!

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I don't get it.

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@I don't get it.

It's a Futurama (TV show) reference; in the pilot episode, Fry (the main charater of the TV show) was delivering pizza to person who prank called him and while doing so he tripped and fell into a freezer and was defrosted 1000 years in the future.

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