Life is written in pen so stop looking for an eraser, amirite?

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Yay, I found the white-out.

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Shouldve said "written in sharpie"

They have erasable pens! :P

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what about the saying 'nothing is written in stone'? i don't think life is written in pen- you can change anything you want, really, as long as you put enough effort forth. as long as you try, you can change things, even if it's just a little.

@lightningflash2 but you can't change the past; your talking about changing the future

no, i'm talking about life in general; your past consists of choices you made and actions you took. so life isn't written in pen, because you're the one writing it and you can do whatever you want to change it.

however, if you're talking about dwelling on the past, then yes, i completely agree with you.

Okay, I'll just get my white out.

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