So if I'm wrong, then you're right. And if you're right, then I'm left. And if I'm left and you're right, than that guy is straight. And if that guy is straight than you're gay. So if I'm wrong than you're gay, amirite?

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Halfway through this post you started using than instead of then. Perplexing.

Yes, you are right...which according to this post means you're gay?

Woah, I get everything except the line "And if I'm left and you're right, than that guy is straight".

@BlackKeys It's like you and them are on either side so the guy is straight ahead

Yeah but if that guy is straight, then they would both be gay.

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@Handsy *Touche? Lol.

Ha wooops. Now that I look at it, it looks like I was saying tooshie. No, I wasn't talking about a butt lol.

Your logic seems a little bit... flawed.

Please, please, PLEASE stop. You're making my head want to explode.
Not than, THEN.

You just hurt my brain.

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uhhhh....someone explain please!!!!!!!!

Lol, did anyone else learn these in geometry class?
They're called syllogisms.

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And if he's gay, you're sad.

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Does it really matter if it's than or then? My goodness!!!

I dont get the "And if that guy is straight than you're gay" cuz couldnt you both be straight? Like with the left and right one that made sense cuz you have to be one or the other, but you can both be straight.

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Can some please explain this in a simple way? I copied and pasted and sent it to my friend cause I liked it but she doesn't get it and I'm not so great at explaining the meaning of things.

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