You have no idea where your parents conceived you. amirite?

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I wasn't conceived- I was a virgin birth. My parents didn't have sex and I refuse to believe otherwise.

I wouldn't WANT to know. That would be pretty gross and mind-scarring.

fuckmynipples avatar fuckmynipple Yeah You Are +31Reply

Yes, let's keep it that way...

Nigglets avatar Nigglet Yeah You Are +19Reply

My mom simply said, "...Winters can get pretty cold."
That was all I needed to hear to be permanently scarred.

A Vegas vacation. shudders

Anonymous +16Reply

Taco Bell bathroom

And thank God we don't?

I'm sure all your kids will say the same thing. Won't you feel awkward?

One of my friends was conceived on a sink in a public bathroom. :

Munchlaxs avatar Munchlax Yeah You Are +4Reply

I was dropped off on my parents doorstep by the stork. I refuse to think otherwise

Gleeks avatar Gleek Yeah You Are +4Reply

Hotel room in san diego 0_0

A dorm in Harvard University..emm...

@Fabs A dorm in Harvard University..emm...

ah yhu is one of dem smarts den?

Anonymous +5Reply
@ah yhu is one of dem smarts den?

I guess, but they were there for a research program..not actual college

@Fabs A dorm in Harvard University..emm...

I just visited there for the first time today

I don't really care to know. O.o

adiosToreadors avatar adiosToreador Yeah You Are +1Reply

I do not want to know at all

AmiriteFairys avatar AmiriteFairy Yeah You Are +1Reply

Don't want to know, I already know that the 16th anniversary of my conception is coming up tomorrow (or today, depending on where you live)...

According to my birthday, I was conceived in early June. That's an even scarier thought.

alienators avatar alienator Yeah You Are 0Reply
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