It is sexist that there are more women teachers than males, especially in younger ages, why is it believed that any man who wants to teach a younger grade is a pedophile? Men can care for children too, amirite?

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I don't think it's necessarily sexist, either. More women choose to teach elementary education than men. As the children get older, the sexes even out, and in high school, I often saw more male teachers than female.
Women also are more nurturing than men are toward young children. It's a maternal instinct. This makes them better suited to teacher younger grades, especially kindergarden.

It's not necessarily sexist. I think men just don't want to teach. I bet they could land a teaching job if they wanted to but they really don't.

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I'm suspicious of this username, but definitely a true post.

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My school has wayyyy more guy teachers than girl teachers. But it's probably just an exception. Or maybe you are speaking about elementary and junior high schools and not high schools.

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You kinda fail at your supposedly 'highly controversial' troll posts. Sorry, I had to say it.

Many years ago it was a rule that only women could teach kids in grade school and males could only teach high school. It just kind of stuck like that, its not sexist at all.

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I have 6 classes, 4/6 of those classes I have male teachers .

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@I have 6 classes, 4/6 of those classes I have male teachers .

Im in middle school btw. In elementary , there wasnt that much guy teachers.

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and pedobear didnt post this?

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I don't think that there are that many more female teachers than male teachers.

This is true; another interesting fact is that, while most teachers are women, most school board members, principals, and "higher-ups" in the school system are male. Hmm.

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