There needs to be some word that teenagers can use that is slightly more serious than "like" but less serious than "love". amirite?

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sadly the english language doesn't have such word :/ spanish does though
gustas (means like)
quiero (this would be the word between love and like , literally it means i want you, but it's never taken in a dirty way)
amo (which means love)

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@patrickmajor So thats where that fucking Taco Bell dog got that! :O "Yo Quiero Taco Bell"

@721750 (patrickmajor): Actually it means that the persons wants to eat in Taco Bell but I'm not going to bust your bubble. :)

Infatuated, because that's what it is really.

I think about this all the time!
Usually people refer to "like like" haha but that just sounds corny

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@wafflelove I think about this all the time! Usually people refer to "like like" haha but that just sounds corny

haha yeah that was in like 5th or 6th grade... now its all "omg i lovee youu<33" NO YOU DONT haha its so annoying

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I think fancy would fit.

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Elementary school style: Like-like.

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@Elementary school style: Like-like.

EXACTLY what i was thinking when i read the post.

@Elementary school style: Like-like.

I was at my brother's middle school, stuffing their candy grams. This one had a note that said, "I thought you should know...I like-like you."
I thought it was adorable.

It's called "really like."

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"do you like him or do you liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike him?"

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That's the new word. :]

EXACTLY. Because I'm pretty sure i don't LOVE him but i know i dont just "like" him.

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I am INFATUATED with you :)

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why just teens?

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@GWest why just teens?

I'm guessing they meant because teens think the way they feel about somebody is beyond liking them, so they want to use the word "love," but don't want to sound stupid and have people yelling at them, telling them that they couldn't possibly love the person.

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@happylooksgoodonyou Adore?

thats very border-line love, if not the same as

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nerdfighter like.

one out of a million people might get that.

Sayang- It's the Indonesian word between like and love.

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Te quiero

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Repeat, but still...

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i evol
haha backwards

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I thought the order was:
Really like
Teenage love
Love but not really

How about lohe?

Thats the word I use with my friends anyway

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I adore you!

Are you stupid?

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Hahah. I'm 19 and I still do this to understand if my friends like someone or not. "So... You like him? Or like... Like like him?" It'll never get old.

If you don't get too technical, the work "lust" fits in between pretty snuggly. I know the definition says what it says, but words can and are loosely translated. Not to mention their definitions change over time. Look at UrbanDictionary!

P.S. They asked me to add 5+8 below and I almost didn't know what it was. It is way too early.

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I've got feelings for you?
I adore you?
I really like you?

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admire? Like I less than love you, but I more than like you... So I admire you...

For a while my boyfriend and I said 'I lovike you'

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A friend of mine says "I'm hard for her" instead of 'like' or 'love'

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