How come in almost every alien movie the aliens always invade America first. And how the hell do they know english, why can't they speak french, or at least have a french accent? amirite?

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watch district 9

@el_scorcho watch district 9

District 9 was one of my favorite movies. It's sad and happy at the same time. The movie is completely underrated!

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Because the movies were most likly made in America.

In Drake and Josh when they pretended to be aliens Drake pretended to be French instead

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in signs they went to like South America first (or somewhere where they speak spanish lol i forgot exactly where they said it was)

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It's usually a global invasion, but it shows it from an American perspective because the movie was made in America an targeted towards them and other english speakers. Like how the war of the worlds movie took place in America, but there were people in it arguing over whether Europe or Asia was more destroyed.

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In Doctor Who, they usually invade England. Specifically, London.
Because that's where the show started/was made.

@Katffro In Doctor Who, they usually invade England. Specifically, London. Because that's where the show started/was made.

But in Doctor Who, the TARDIS translates the alien languages into English. But then, they still have British accents...

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Because the Alien movies you watch are made in America. Ask your directors not us.

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In "KUNG POW" they were French. XD

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I mean "aliens in movies" are supposed to be intelligent and advanced... so they probably have learned every language, but since they're dealing with Americans, (because the film was made in America) they speak English

its because america is the best country, so once you take us out, the rest of the world is just easy...

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You people never cease to amaze me by how much you will home page my posts. I mean I'm hardly ever this right most of the time.

So.... Thank you.

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Kung pow: enter the fist (I think that's the name). They spoke francis

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Because aliens don't surrender.

The aliens probably decided to take down America first because they know how powerful a country it is as well as it's high population and how many weapons it has. They might have learned more than one language, but use English because they land in America. Either that, or they decided on English because it's the most commonly spoken language around the world.

Umm, probably because the most commonly used language in the world is English. If they make the movie in another language, way fewer people will want to see it. Duh

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@D_Sexy English isn't the most commonly used language in the world. Chinese is

(D_Sexy):More countries use English than any other language. So it's the most commonly spoken language.

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