You'd pay money to got your non-home paged posts bumped to the front of the Just In page or to the Home Page. Not necessarily a lot of money, but you'd pay something. Good way to make a buck, Anthony, amirite?

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That would ruin the entire system.

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@That would ruin the entire system.

yeah i agree, that would corrupt the site we all cherish and love

@That would ruin the entire system.

Not saying that you actually want this to be a new system, but that if you could just once bring a good post back from the dead with cash, you would... It was just a joke anyway.

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Anthony doesn't want money, he charges with oral sex. Where have you been?

Everyone knows poor people make the best posts, fact.

I pity the fool...

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I'd have sex with your dad with the president watching.

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Oh yeah, posts like http://www.amirite.net/398120 really deserve to make it to the homepage eye roll

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