It's so annoying when people post run on sentences on this site, because I'm sure we all have better things to do than just sitting here reading a non ending sentence, such as taking care of our pets or finish working, or things like that, and of course, you just keep reading, expecting the sentence to stop, but it doesn't, because the idiot who posted it doesn't understand grammar, amirite?

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Actually, this sentance isn't a run-on. Run-ons are without using punctuation in correct areas making it sort of impossible to understand. By using commas, you made it a complete sentance and it's actually not a run-on at all.

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Nice first post mate ;D

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The two posts are completely different.

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Sit, not sitting. You don't understand grammar either. Don't act like you're superior to the people who post run-on sentences.

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Also, there is supposed to be a comma before either.

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