Staying at home on the weekends is actually... fun, amirite?

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usually they are... but then your sister has one of her bitch friends sleeping over and you're either stuck watching sportscenter with your little brother or sitting mindlessly doing nothing.

Lkuns avatar Lkun No Way +1Reply

I love it. :)
Mostly because I have no life...but, you know, there's amirite, cups of hot tea, and books. That's all I need.

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I didn't have any plans this weekend, so I figured it would be boring but it was fun. I watched movies, baked, listened to music and slept. It was great.

No plans either?

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@No plans either?

Decided I was too tired to go out and needed a weekend at home... then decided against that and went out.. and it was nothing 'special' haha. Home, food and soft-drink, cod, music and a movie = win.

mattyrussells avatar mattyrussell Yeah You Are 0Reply

Why go out in that limited city, when you have the WHOLE WORLD!
Sorry, I'm in a crazy mood lately. But, yeah, I agree.

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