It annoys you how much crap is talked on Justin Bieber and those same people who say bands like Led Zeppelin and The Beatles are sooo much better. Justin could very well hold the potential to become a great singer and song writer like them, amirite?

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NO. Just...no. How dare you compare LED ZEPPELIN to that prepubescent, sad excuse for a singer? If you aren't a troll, I want to punch you.

Well it's you vs. the rest of the sane world, so idk. You tell me.

It annoys me that everyone keeps talking about him...on YouTube videos of other songs people keep posting comments about how this kind of music is better that beiber, etc. I agree, but who the fuck cares? You don't need to keep talking about him -_- if you don't like the music then don't listen to it, and STFU about it.

LOL go listen to some music thats actually good.

You sir, are retarded.

Are you seriously comparing Led Zeppelin and The Beatles to Justin Bieber?

Are you a 12 yeah old fan girl or something?


Sorry, I haven't gotten to say that in awhile xD

6 million Beliebers vs. 6,994,000,000 people that want them to STFU [Voldemort on Twitter]

If you're really serious, I feel like kicking you in the face..
else you're a troll fail

Obvious Troll is Obvious.

No fucking way would that be possible. He'll be killed before he's given that chance.

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Sure, he "could". But in order to say he "could", that means he also very well "couldn't".

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Jeez, I'm not a fan girl or anything, but why are people so mean to the kid? I swear. It's not like he's ruining your life or anything. He probably won't be as bad if his voice changes and all.

okay first of all... people stop hating(: second of all: please do not ever compare justin bieber to led zepplin. they're both talented.. but on so many different levels. and third of all: i hear what you're saying... good on you for sticking up for justin, he does have to potential to become as famous as led zepplin. just not comparable to him thats all(: thanks!

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song writer? no when every other word in his hit song is "baby" i dont think so

As your name implies, you are so wrong.

Okay in reality he is really not that bad of a singer but because he has confidence and is a KID people think hes "gay" and "stupid". But honestly WHO CARES, quite talking shit about someone you dont know. dont like him fine, but seriously take a chill pill he is just a kid who is becoming sucessful and making money.

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No one will be better than The Beatles.

There's a reason why Led Zeppelin and The Beatles are held as very talented, serious musicians.


And if they had, they wouldn't have been considered as talented or serious.
See what I'm getting at?


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Are you fucking retarded?

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You just made a lot of actually good bands die on the inside.

if justin bieber has the potential to be a great songwriter, why doesn't he write his own songs? his music currently is and would still be as shallow as a shower.


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I don't know what to say to this, I just feel really angry inside.

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This is just so stupid. I don't believe anyone can top Led Zeppelin.. I mean, are you really fucking comparing them????

How can you compare some faggot boy to serious legends????

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I feel sorry for OP, and everyone that has agreed with this post. Honestly, 100+ people agreeing with this???

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@dan94 I feel sorry for OP, and everyone that has agreed with this post. Honestly, 100+ people agreeing with this???

Same. Led Zeppelin is so high up in the talent ranks that i don't believe that that position can be reached again

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i cant believe this kid compared justin beiber to the beatles. what is this world coming to?

" And all the haters I swear they look so far from up here, 'cause i'm bigger, I'm bigger..." -Justin Bieber.

Look I disagree with this statement. But Justin Beiber is't gay or a girl. Do you know who else has a high voice when he sings? Matt Bellamy of Muse. And Justin Beibers laughing his way to the bank when people make fun of him.

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I doubt the majority of children commenting on this knew more than two of Zeppelin's songs. Calm down, Justin Beiber is still richer than all of us put together, so frankly he must be doing something right.

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wtf ? i'm gonna be real honest here, i'm 14, and i think you seriously deserve to be slapped. how dare u compare Legends like Led Zeppelin to bieber ? Can bieber handle 12 strings like jimmy page can ? you're just pathetic. and what is so nice about that baby thing of his ? Babyy baby baby ohh like baby baby baby no ?? cheesy lyrics!! you're a disgrace to music. At least Led zeppelin write their own music , and they don't use auto tune. and they didn't use internet ( which didn't exist back then) to reach where they R. 'nough said. My advice to u is to listen to good music. Ramble on 4 example. Peace

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Hes' a visionary artist, better than Led Bruno or Mars Zepplin when they were 16. Your just jelouse

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Hahaha Justin Bieber's such a fag, I made him show me his dick, haha gay piece of shit

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